Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Birthday To "Blog"

I read a Scobleizer post on the bus ride into work this morning that the term "blog" turns 10 today, which has me in a bit of a reflective mood. Robert Scoble has been a professional blogger since 2000, recently announced that he's joining the ranks of the magazine world (a spot on staff at FastCompany), further blurring the lines between citizen and professional journalism.

Me, I've been using the medium in one form or another since about 1999-2000, when I started using the reverse-chronology, threaded format that has been codified into the common blog we all know and love (or love to hate -- I also hear there's a lot of resentment and pushback from business journalists). If I were being looser about the term, I'd also probably count everything with that "online journal" feel, from my mid-1990s AOL and Geocities pages, thankfully (hopefully?) long-deleted by now, as well as the usual suspects -- a LiveJournal site and now, counting this one, four Blogger pages. The whole enterprise has gotten much easier to use -- both for writers and readers -- along the way, and has evolved from being just something to do with my spare opinions and into a professional competency for myself and many of my B2B peers. If you've got a blog (work or otherwise), post the link in the comments and I'll check it out.

Wow, ten years old. I wonder if that explains the rampant immaturity in the blogosphere? ;)

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