Sunday, April 13, 2008

Digital tutorials, this time with rhythm...

I know there's been a lively debate, on Paul Conley's blog and elsewhere around the B2B community, about how journalists are supposed to acquire the training we need to compete in a WWW world.

A simple Google search is a good place to start; we've also posted some links on the ASBPE Cleveland tools page. That said, even a dedicated searcher might miss this gem -- m0serious, AKA the Poetic Prophet, AKA the SEO Rapper, has a YouTube channel that, if it doesn't help you learn everything about anything, at least will teach you how to talk about Web design and search engine optimization etc.

One quick example of the m0serious flow, on W3C (Web coding) compliance standards, and how they differ from common text formatting terminology:

"Don't use 'bold' -- please use 'strong' -- 'cause if you use 'bold' that's old and wrong."


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