Monday, February 23, 2009

Benchmarking your web presence

Surfing around on social bookmarking site Delicious is an interesting educational exercise for editors -- exploring the tags that you habitually use can bring new sources into your research universe. I was on the site yesterday, organizing a social bookmarking pilot for a project, and came across, an analytics site that offers a quick, free benchmarking snapshot of your site versus your main competition.

The free tools let you sort by unique visitors, monthly rank and average stay, as well as velocity, which is used to determine the relative growth of a domain over a particular time frame or compared to other sites. Velocity can be useful in measuring the impact of things like events, trade shows, and/or ad campaigns on your site's competitive landscape.

Depending on the results of your benchmarking exercise, it could also potentially be useful to pry a little more web budget out of reluctant publishers and business managers!javascript:void(0)