Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Couple Corrections for Christmas

In the Christmas spirit, a little gift of laughter, courtesy of the factchecking fanatics at the Regret The Error blog.

From Dave Barry in the Miami Herald:

In yesterday’s column about badminton, I misspelled the name of Guatemalan player Kevin Cordon. I apologize. In my defense, I want to note that in the same column I correctly spelled Prapawadee Jaroenrattanatarak, Poompat Sapkulchananart and Porntip Buranapraseatsuk. So by the time I got to Kevin Cordon, my fingers were exhausted.

Here's one from Slate:

In the June 20 “Culturebox,” Jonah Weiner stated that Lil Wayne was the first hip-hop artist to fantasize about eating his competition. Other rappers have contemplated consuming their rivals.

And from the UK's Press and Journal:

We have been asked to point out that Stuart Kennedy, of Flat E, 38 Don Street, Aberdeen, who appeared at Peterhead Sheriff Court on Monday, had 316 pink, frilly garters confiscated not 316 pink, frilly knickers.

Did the editors really need to correct that? (Did we really need to know in the first place?)

This post is apropos of absolutely nothing, except to suggest that you take advantage of every opportunity to introduce a little fun into your publication.

Plus, if you laugh at yourself, then everyone else has to laugh with you (instead of at you) right?

Happy holidays and safe passage into the New Year.